Well, it’s finally here – The Holiday Season. At The Greenery, we believe it’s our responsibility to keep you as happy and informed as possible through this social season! We came up with a quick list to help you make it through to 2016, nice and smooth:

    Let’s face it. Not everyone likes the smell of marijuana. Thankfully, there are now other ways to consume cannabis. Obviously edibles come to mind, but another easy alternative is the vape pen. They are inexpensive, easy to dose, mostly odorless and are usually strain-specific. The most popular brand is O.PenVape, but there are many others that may suit your taste, like Sweet CO2 cartridges or Dixie disposable vape pens. Give one a try and it might change your world!
    Surprise your loved ones with something a little different this year! Therapeutic products like Mary Jane’s hash bath, salve and body lotion are perfect for anyone in need of some pampering. Or, if you are looking for some fun THC stocking stuffers, you can’t go wrong with lip bong, suckers, treats and tincture drops.
    So, this historic year is almost over. Did you try anything new? With all of the new types of cannabis products out there, it’s hard to know what to try. Some people just want their flower and have no desire to try something new. But if you want to treat yourself to an intense buzz, try out a little hash, wax or shatter and enjoy a nice little kick for the holidays!
  1. BE FUN
    What are the holidays without some fun gifts? There are a lot of gift lists online, so to save you some time, we have pinned a variety of MJ gift ideas. From fashion to gadgets, you’ll be sure to find something perfect! Of course, if you prefer to shop local, don’t forget to browse The Greenery’s selection of bubblers, dab accessories, papers, pipes and apparel!
Whatever you do to celebrate this Holiday Season – BE SAFE!

2 responses to “How to Have a Smokin’ Holiday Season”

  1. Kathey Tullius says:

    Want 1/2 oz of premium weed. Not sure what to choose or price. Will you please send me a list and prices. Thanks for helping.

  2. The Greenery says:

    Our current menu of strains and pricing is available at https://www.leafly.com/dispensary-info/greenery/menu
    See you soon!

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